How much money did you spend so far on beauty blenders and makeup bruses? I know, hundereds or even thousands of dollars. But was that necessary? Could it be we should have used just a kitchen sponge to apply all our makeup? A kitchen sponge that costs 50 sents? Oh my God! I don’t know weather to laugh or cry! πŸ˜€

So in this video I will test if we can spend 50 cents and save some money. The conclusion is YES. But the question is will I do that. Probably no, because I like all my beauty blenders and brushes. I like buying them again and again. Besides the fact they are doing a good job, they are also fun to use.
So, it’s up to you. But it’s nice to know that you don’t have to be sad if you desperately need a new beauty blender but your paycheck is next week. Just use a kitchen sponge and you are good to go πŸ˜€
I hope you had fun watching this video as much as I did making it. If you like the video hit the like thumb, comment, share, subscribe. πŸ˜— Have an awesome creative day!

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