We all know the struggle of making the perfect cat eyeliner! I made a simple tutorial perfect for beginners!
First thing you have to do is choose eyeliner with short wand for better control. I don’t like felt tip eyeliners because they tend to make the wing look a bit blurry and there is less product. After applying your eyeshadow, start eyeliner action. Don’t pull your eyelid when applying because when you let it go it will look strange. It’s also bad for skin around the eyes since it will age faster.
Take small amount of products and then take off the excess. Start in the inner corner by lightly pressing tip of the eyeliner and then as you move along press a bit harder. Make a like to the end of your eyelid, then stop. Make a wing upwards and then make the bottom line to meet the upper wing. When you are done with outline, start filling it in. This is the easy part 😃
After you are done with both eyes compare them and if the wings are not the same don’t panic! Just add a little product to make them as even as you can. All small imperfections can be camouflaged by mascara since your eyelashes will add more dimension to your eyes.
Remember that it takes time and practice and if you can’t do it perfectly at once or even after a month, don’t lose faith, most of us had the same problem. Just don’t give up. Practice makes perfect!

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